As part of Samurai Karate you will experience a Traditional Japanese karate style known as Shukokai. We are an International organisation, with clubs in Japan, England, Germany and New Zealand. Through our system of development, you will be learning life skills for success. At the basic level, confidence, self esteem, concentration, self discipline, and more in a fun, challenging and rewarding environment.

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Samurai Karate International was first established in 1980.
Our association is affiliated with Japan, having a lineage spanning back to the beginning of
Japanese Karate, through the teachings of Sensei’s Kawata, Tani, and Mabuni.

With Samurai Karate you will experience a traditional Japanese karate style known as Shukokai – A dynamic, explosive, and powerful martial art for men, women and children of all ages.
We are in the business of transforming the lives of people by helping them to overcome challenges and obstacles. We do this through a long lasting development of their confidence, self-discipline and their ability to defend themselves, all within in a fun and dynamic environment.

Samurai Karate offer classes for all ages and abilities & our training will support personal development in a safe, positive and rewarding atmosphere. Let us help you and your children reach your highest potential in life.