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Best Karate dojo ever! I have only been going to Caroline springs Samurai Karate Dojo for a year and a half but I know no karate dojo can beat this one.

27 March 2024

I have been studying karate for over 14 years. I spent 13 of those training in another style until I found my home at Samurai Karate. I made a commitment to join the Samurai Karate family in early 2023 and have not looked back.
Training with Samurai brings a wealth of knowledge from some amazing Sensei’s where I am challenged to become a better karateka. Samurai Karate provides a motivated, fun, welcoming and respectful environment to train in where everyone is part of the Samurai Karate family.

25 October 2023

I have been training at Samurai Karate for over a year and the training is the highlight of the week for me and something i really look forward to!
There is a very strong focus on getting a strong foundation for karate from both Sensei Darren, Sensei Zach and Senseis, and then building on top of this foundation going forward.
The sessions are designed to get you outside your comfort zone but in a highly supportive and collaborative environment.
The senseis are also considering what is the pipeline of ideas, thoughts,skills and strategies that needs to be incorporated by the students in the future in the journey to be better at karate. And in turn, walking out as a better human being incrementally after each training session. Osu.

30 June 2023

Both our kids love going to Samurai Karate. Great session times especially with 2 Dojos open at the same time.

23 June 2023

My son commenced with Samurai Karate during lockdown and there were moments where quitting was a possibility. With the support and guidance from Sensei Daren and his team, my son has gained confidence and discipline through karate and this has impacted his school life in being confident learner. He feels connected attending lessons and is learning a skill that will assist him in the future. I highly recommend Samurai Karate to parents that want their kids to gain confidence and discipline through a place that is friendly and student focused.

23 June 2023

All the teachers are the best.

23 June 2023

Very good school, highly recommended👍👍👍

23 June 2023

I know this is the best karate in the world

23 June 2023

Great Karate Learning Center. Highly recommended to other friends to join in. Hoping my son can improve quicker by educators’ guidance.

25 May 2023

Samurai Karate is a real game changer for my daughter. The Sensei’s are all extremely knowledgeable and supportive to all the participants at all levels of ability.The classes are high energy and fun, while ensuring the traditions, discipline and skills are taught to the highest standards. The level of focus I see in the Dojo is outstanding. The children are all engaged throughout each session. This is evident in how the skills are developed quickly and the children are rewarded for their efforts with regular grading opportunities. I can not recommend Samurai Karate enough. Our family is loving being a part of this karate dojo.

23 May 2023

I love the way that you guys teach us and the cool looking styles for fighting and defending.

22 May 2023

As an experienced Martial Artist (6th Dan) in Taekwondo with over 30 years of experience, I wanted to cross-train and learn Karate. I joined Samurai Karate and I have to say…., I am very IMPRESSED!!. I am mesmerized by their professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of Instructors. Their understanding of the biomechanics of movements (human body), their explanations and theory behind karate techniques, and how to do it correctly are remarkable. This is a reflection of a very good and professional Martial Arts school. I’m excited and humbled to be a student again and I’m excited to learn. I would highly recommend Samurai Karate to anyone.

8 November 2022

Super nice, learnt the defences and offences. Sensei Rolan (if that’s his name) was real kind to me on my first day. So good. Go samurai karate!

8 April 2022

Our daughter Chloe has been training with Sensei Charles and the team at Samurai Karate Waverley for the last few years and throughout that time we have experienced an incredible commitment from all the amazing instructors at this dojo to see their students develop and progress into disciplined and competent individuals. Sensei Charles, Bec and Rachelle have trained Chloe at one point or another over her time and they’ve all been terrific, kind, encouraging and have made Chloe feel extremely welcome and part of the Samurai Karate family. Not only has she developed some amazing karate skills, her confidence has grown immensely. Chloe has also been fortunate enough to have been able to continue training online during lockdowns thanks to Samurai Karate and the team adapting their program to suit these changing conditions. We would highly recommend Samurai Karate to anyone considering taking up this great sport. They are the best!

5 September 2021

My daughter has been doing karate at the Waverley dojo for over 2 years now and she absolutely loves it. She started with Rachelle in the pee wee class and looked forward to it every week. Rachelle is fantastic with the small children, knowing exactly how to keep their attention throughout the class whilst teaching them the basics. She now trains with Bec who is firm but fair (which I love). I believe at the age she is at now she needs to understand the positive reinforcement of discipline and commitment. Charles, who runs the show does exactly that. He is always there to help the students, inform parents and teach when needed. If you are concerned about something, he is only ever a phone call away to discuss. I thank all of the team at Waverley Dojo for all of their efforts (especially through this trying time) and for their professionalism, we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

31 August 2021

I joined the Sunshine Samurai Karate dojo in 2018, which was the start of an extraordinary journey for me as a person. At first I thought I couldn’t imagine myself progressing as far as I have gotten to now. I didn’t realise at the time how blessed I was at the time to know many special people like Sensai Daren, the rest of the Olsen family, and everyone else in the Samurai Family!! How much they actually care is phenominal. The dedication and perseverance they have helped me develop as a much better person I can never forget and thank them enough. Karate has helped me to expand my personal development and any past limitations which I thought I had. Been part of a wonderful team like this means so much more important to me now than ever. Beautiful friendships have enabled me to be confident with my people skills. In my training, I used to be afraid of certain activities but Karate has now trained me to try to look at them as an exciting adventure!
My Kindest regards to everyone at the Sunshine Dojo.

6 November 2020

I ❤ Karate

21 September 2020

I love karate!!!!!! ive been doing it for the past 2 years and it is my favourite activity i do after school

13 August 2020

Sensei Nori is a motivating Kata instructor who has trained me for many years. She is incredibly dedicated and passionate about competition Kata and gives effective feedback. Sensei Nori’s teaching methods have helped me improve my knowledge and Kata performance.
Also Samurai karate online classes are well thought out and just as fun! I highly recommend Samurai Karate if you are interested in improving your Karate and Kata skills too!

12 July 2020

I have been studying karate for almost 18 years. I first began with Goju Ryu/Goju Kensha at the age of 10 where I studied for 8 years. I then moved away from karate, I dabbled in Aikido and Taekwondo for a short time, I trained in a boxing gym for a couple of years but found myself longing to go back to karate. I came back to karate at the age of 31 and studied Go Kan Ryu (a blend of Goju Ryu and Shotokan) for 8 years before finding a home at Samurai Karate in 2017.
My husband and I met through our passion for karate, training together with Go Kan Ryu. We first met Sensei Darren through the open VKL tournaments in 2014 at which time he invited both Zach and I to join their open kumite training sessions at their Sunshine dojo fortnightly on a Friday night. At the time we were living in Ballarat and would look forward to the trip to Sunshine each fortnight to train with everyone.
In late 2014 we made the big move to Queensland, when we returned to Melbourne at the end of 2016 we knew where we wanted our new home of karate to be. With Sensei Darren at Samurai Karate Australia.
We made the commitment to join the Samurai Karate family and have never looked back.
With Samurai Karate Australia comes the opportunity to train with some of the most experienced Sensei’s, coaches and karate athletes that Australia has to offer in our beloved sport.
We have since joined the Victorian and Australian Karate teams, traveled all over Australia training and competing representing our club and our state and even recently traveled to Montreal, Canada to compete and represent our country and our club overseas.
Samurai Karate provides a motivated, fun, welcoming and respectful environment to train in where everyone is part of the Samurai Karate family.

25 October 2019

Samurai Karate has been apart of my life for 17 years. Initially starting just for the opportunity to undertake regular exercise, it then become a very passionate part of my life. Having had the opportunity to train with extremely intelligent and skilled Instructors encouraged me to also participate in a specialised Instructors Program, where I gained my International Instructors qualification, and Black Belt 2nd Dan Level. This become just the beginning of my Karate development. With intense training and opportunities to continue to grow as a karate student, my goal to reach 3rd Dan Level become real. This was the most amazing and life changing experience for me. Having self belief and confidence was the defining qualities I needed to achieve this goal. I have remained in constant contact with the club, even after having my first child. Karate has definitely shaped me as an individual. I have always hoped to be a positive role model to all students, in particular other young woman who are part of the Association. With the support of both Sensei Paul and Sensei Darren, I have been able to achieve many wonderful things through Karate. Visiting Japan, training and competing was both extraordinary. Karate is and will always be part of my life. I am forever grateful for the support and opportunities Karate has provided me in life. I cannot recommend Samurai Karate enough, it’s a professional organisation that truly cares for its students, families and community. To be the best one needs to surround themselves with the best, and Samurai Karate is definitely the best in its type.

1 November 2018

Great for fitness. Got more than i expected, very good senseis.

31 October 2018

Teaches discipline, respect, self-control in that order. Has professional staff + instructors. Has a nice facility. Have noticed growth in confidence of my boys.
Has met my expectations.

31 October 2018

We were recommended by Aisha’s + Huxley’s parents saying how much they loved it. I wanted to try bring my daughter Zaria out of her shell a bit, she was super shy, but she ended up loving it. It’s made my daughter more confident.

31 October 2018

We came to Samurai Karate because we live locally and found it very convenient. We had a warm welcome, and the trial session really engaged my son Parker. Sensei’s are great as well as staff. Classes are fun as well as disciplined.

31 October 2018

We heard about Samurai Karate from a friend of ours and decided to join up on a trial basis. The very first class my son loved it. It was a very friendly dojo that taught skills for life in martial arts whilst disciplining kids.

31 October 2018

Sensai Darren, Luke, Tom, and John are not only amazing and inspirational teachers they’re great people. Training is fun, varied, practical, challenging and professional. We are so lucky they are JUST AROUND THE CORNER TOO FROM OUR HOUSE eh eh Friendly neighborhood spidey FRIENDS. Oss

29 October 2018

When I first started Samurai karate I thought I was not ready but I have made it to the next class karate helps me get strong and supports me when I need it.

29 July 2018

I love karate at Sunshine dojo. All the senseis and staff are really supportive. They have a great leadership program that encourages students to improve their talking in public and leadership. There are special classes run by different senseis for different skills of karate. The senseis encourage you to try hard. The students have fun and also encourage each other. My favourite part of karate is kata. I like kata because of the different techniques and timing.

29 July 2018

I have been training with Samurai karate since 2000, and the can attest that the values and culture of this organisation have had a major impact on my upbringing and successes in all facets of life.

What started as an activity to learn self defence, gain fitness and confidence has become so much more. The commitment and discipline to train no matter what comes in life, the ability to develop effort, patience, temperance, respect, creativity and courage have shaped my way of life.

The physical and mental benefits from karate have helped me thrive in my study throughout high school and university. From relieving stress to developing focus and goal setting, this club has and still is a great accompaniment to anyone looking to take up more than just a physical activity.

Samurai karate is one of the top tier clubs in Australia for both traditional and sports karate. As a 3rd Dan black belt, the curriculum and grading syllabus to attain this rank is rooted in tradition, and I can honestly say that I feel capable of handling myself in any threatening situation. On the other hand, having competed at six nationals for the Victorian state team, as weIl as a stint on the Australian national team, I can truly claim that Samurai Karate provides all the means to make it to the very top in sports karate.

Under the tutelage of Shihan Darren Olsen and Paul Mitchell, and a continuation of the tradition through the various senseis, Samurai Karate is in a premier position to help anyone reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

29 July 2018

Our 7 year old daughter joined Samurai Karate Sunshine early this year and has already shown significant improvement in her focus, behaviour and general confidence. She really enjoys her classes and looks forward to every session. Staff are very professional and provide a great learning experience.

28 July 2018

My mum came home one day in 2017 to tell me she had put my name down for something in April and I better be ready. I was not the least bit interested but mum gave me no choice. So in April 2017 I took a ride with mum not knowing where to as she wouldn’t tell me. She took me to samurai karate in sunshine! Not something I would ever put my hand up for as it has nothing to do with electronics! I thought if i just did the trial and tell her I dont like it then she would stop taking me there. But mum persisted and gave me no choice. Quite a lot of pain was felt as I am never one for physical sports. As time passed karate started to grow on me. I was getting comments that I seemed to have slimmed down and this boosted my self esteem. I started to feel more energised as I was getting into the whole active stuff. I craved to learn as I had a goal set (to get to black belt). I learnt how to defend myself from my little brother (he seems afraid of me now!). My mum put me in this for a few reasons. She wanted to get me outof the house so I am not on electronics all the time. She wanted me to learn to be street smart. She wanted me to learn how to protect myself and my family. She wanted me to boost my self esteem. I so far have achieved this and am still learning. I am at least 3 days less on my electronics as I have classes. The teachings in classes have been good and enables me to take back to every day life such as Respect, Discipline, Courage etc. It’s something my mum does with me.

28 July 2018

Samurai Shukokai Karate dojo was and still an awesome dojo. All senseis and reception staffs were great!!
I have 2 boys who trained under sensei Luke and sensei Tom, I witnessed my boys transform into more better.
Through karate they learn respect, disipline, patient, courage, effort, creativity, persistence beside self defence.
They also make new friends.

They have been training for 6 years at Tarneit Dojo now. They enjoyed everytime they are training and also did many tournaments. Sometimes they trained at others dojo too to gain more skills in KATA n KUMITE as they are part of Karate Victoria Squad for 4 years ( oldest son ) and 3 years ( youngest son ).

Samurai Karate is the best choice for your kids future investment!!!

28 July 2018

I like my Sensei’s Luke & Thomas and the people in my class because they are nice & make me laugh. I started karate when i was 6. I love karate because it teaches you self defence. I can’t wait for the tournament!

28 July 2018

Sensei Tom & Sensei Luke are great with the kids and they look forward to the lessons. The self defense and confidence they gain is invaluble. Highly reccomend.

28 July 2018

Professional, fun, getting fit, challenging, positive, happy community, practical, peaceful and more importantly self-defense skill! Sensai Darren, Luke and Tom are amazing instructors we are all (adult group) so grateful:) The best thing about learning karate… we actually have something to show for after training and dedication.

28 July 2018

I enjoyed samurai karate so much i practice at home all the time to be like karate kid movie

28 July 2018

My son Sebastian has been attending Kensington dojo for 6 months now and has a lot of fun there. His focus and attention in the classes is really impressive and it has been nice to watch him grow in this time.

28 July 2018

Awesome dojo! Great for building my 3 kids’ confidence to the next level while building their mind and body

28 July 2018

My children and I have been attending the Tarneit Dojo for 2 years, attending training sessions here and at other local Dojo’s has now become a way of life for us all. Karate has contributed to a great improvement in my health and fitness, it has also provided opportunity to gain confidence especially through participating in tournaments.
I believe my children are exposed to great inspirational role models with Sensei Luke and Sensei Thomas as their instructors; always providing sound knowledge and encouragement in a fun, easy to understand way.
Samurai Karate not only provides scope for physical development, the chance to learn many invaluable life skills such as respect, persistence and discipline is all part of the package.

25 July 2018

I have been with Samurai Karate, Tarneit for the past 6 years. I will now describe my journey with this terrific club which has made me develop into the person that I am today.
When I first came into the country, I was bullied because I could not speak the language properly. I was constantly bullied, verbally abused, kicked and bashed. This was reported to the principal every time but unfortunately apart from suspending the offender he could not do anything else. When the offender returned the same thing would happen. My parents had taught me to use my words not my hands.
My parents contacted Sensai Darren and explained the situation. He assured me that by joining karate I would gain not only the knowledge of how to defend myself but I would also gain self confidence and it would improve my self esteem.
After a few months since I had joined karate, the offender tried to attack me but this time it did not work. Not only was I able to defend myself but I actually scared him with my moves that I had learnt in karate.
Today, I am training for my black belt and I am also training to become an instructor. I have developed so much since I joined Samurai Karate, Tarneit. Sensai’s Luke and Tom have made me feel more confident as a person and generally I feel much healthier in body and spirit that ever before.
Well Done Samurai Karate, Tarneit

22 July 2018

Ongoing great experience for me and my family. Sensei Darren is a great professional who loves and practices his teaching. I highly recommend Samurai Karate Sunshine as a wongerful place to train, learn and advance as a karateka and a person as well

20 July 2018

I started training since I was a kid, left multiple times, and returned to get my black belt at the age of 40. It feels like home. I love training in this traditional, powerful, elegant style. The challenges, skills, confidence and traditions add so much to my daily life, and I’m proud to be part of teaching them to the next generations. Our instructors have so much knowledge, traditional and recent, and help every student achieve their best. My wife and two sons also love to train. Samurai Shukokai Karate is a “way for all”.

20 July 2018

Samurai Karate Sunshine has been a great place for my son to not only learn the skill of karate but also and just as importantly it is teaching him the importance of self discipline, respect and the values to be a confident and responsible member of our community . The skills and knowledge he is developing are also coming through in school and at home. Thank you Sensai Darren, Sensai Nori, Sensai Luke and Sensai Thomas got your dedication and commitment to my son.

19 July 2018

The Instructors at Tarneit Dojo Karate do an exellent job of breaking down complex moves and making karate fun. Harshel has been at this dojo for 6 years from the beginning at the age of 4 years old. Learning the importance of commitment, dedication and respect to all in class as well as the Instructors. As parents we noticed what he was learning at the dojo and carrying it over at home too.
Staff brings a great balance of patience, and fun to every class.
Karate is also an investment. Harshel is dedicated at what he does. He enjoys karate and attends extra classes at other dojos to give him strength and help him further and do better.

18 July 2018

Thanks to samurai karate sunshine my daughter has developed self confidant is focussed on achieving her goals. Great work guys 🙏🏿

17 July 2018

Training at Samurai Karate has been life changing, it has given me the confidence to succeed in many aspects of life and over come many obstacles. Love my Samurai family.

17 July 2018

Karate is AWESOME because it’s Awsome because it’s Awesome.
KARATE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 July 2018

Karate is the best!!! It helps build my muscle. Builds my skills & confidence. And has katas that cool your mind down.
Karate is the greatest sport of all! it helps you build muscles such as your core, hips, biceps, triceps, your glutes & most of your leg muscles. My muscles have got a lot stronger. I do AFL . I can now kick further. I can do more push-ups, sit-ups & I can plank for longer.
Karate is also the best sport because it builds your confidence by letting everyone join in & playing all the drills & games.
Karate is awesome, fun & action packed, but I like karate the most when we do our katas. Kata cools my mind down.

KARATE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 July 2018

What I’ve learnt about our karate community is that I believe we have what no one else in the world has. We learn a powerful and unique style of Traditional Karate. It is a welcoming environment in which anyone all ages and gender can be mentored by incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructors to the highest point they can possibly reach.

17 July 2018

Great training and professional instructors. Nice Dojo with friendly staffs. Flexible timetable that can fit in parents schedule. More importantly, they teach kids and adults how to respect, gain confidence and defend ourselves. 👌👍

16 July 2018

Sunshine Dojo
Been going here for over 2 and a half years now. Everybody there is friendly and the facilities are great.

16 July 2018

Schools are only as good as their leadership and Samurai Karate is an excellent school. The friendly, encouraging, non-judgemental attitudes of Sensei Darren and Paul flow down into every instructor and student. It’s an excellent place to train, an encouraging environment to challenge yourself in and a great place to make friends. I’m so happy that I chose to start my karate journey with Samurai Karate. My experiences with Sensei John at Kensington dojo have been excellent.

16 July 2018

The difference between winning and losing is never quitting.

16 July 2018

I’m Vicki student at Samurai Sunshine , I first started at Samurai Sunshine when i was 12 years old, went back at 15 , then again at 27, got my black belt at 31, now at 43 I’m back again!! This time for good, Sensei Darren and his 2 boys are amazing instructors and very caring towards your own progress.. The training is well structured an awesome place to train 🙂

16 July 2018

Our experience at samurai karate 🥋 Tarneit has been awesome. We started out with just taking our daughter, but it wasn’t long before our son wanted to go as well. They create such a family & friendly environment. And also empower and teach our children how to protect themselves. Without them even realising how their training is in fact, the foundation for surviving in the real world 🌍.. It has given my daughter the confidence to stand up in front of everyone & perform solo. And finally the discipline & structure they enforce to their students is impeccable. I would highly recommend the club to everyone.

16 July 2018

My daughter Sristika love going to Samurai Karate Sunshine. The good thing about this place is every one treated equally and great fun for the kids while learning self defense. It it also a very good platform for kids to develop their carrier.

15 July 2018

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