Build A Flexible Body with Martial Arts

In martial arts training, students are encouraged to remain calm for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that calmness is key in taking control of the situation and executing the necessary moves. Furthermore, calmness is crucial in deescalating situations when we find ourselves in a heated argument. This means that students who attend martial arts classes regularly develop a deep sense of calm with time. This is important in relating with people at work, school and home. Now, let’s look at the techniques in martial arts that helps you remain calm.


Making The “Hi-Yah” Sound

Making martial arts sound like “hi-yah” is called Kiai which is pronounced as “key-eye”. Making martial arts sound is fun and may appear slightly silly, but these sounds play an important role in helping students learn proper breathing techniques. Making martial arts sounds also act as a tool for releasing power and passion, helping you put more pressure behind a punch. Martial arts training helps relieve emotions that have been building up all day. This helps you relieve negative emotions and experience the calm that accompanies it.

Most importantly, Kiai is considered a battle cry in martial arts. It is used to show confidence and scare the opponent. The type of confidence and calmness you get from the screams and sound made at the top your voice gives you the courage to deal with everyday challenges.

Working Out Your Body and Soul

Martial arts also help you remain calm from working out your body and soul. Apart from being a great physical activity for weight loss and fitness, martial art training also works out your mind. Moreover, martial arts provide one of the best ways to sharpens your reflexes and skills. Generally, martial arts training inculcates a sense of self-confidence and esteem. This helps you remain calm because you know you can handle what life throws at you including defending yourself.

Breathing Exercises

The breathing exercises done in martial arts helps student remain calm. When we panic, we are often encouraged to breath in because of the sense of relief and calmness it produces. Breathing correctly is part of martial arts training. For example, in martial arts like karate student are instructed to breath out when kicking or punching. Breathing exercises train martial arts students, giving them the self-control, they need to remain calm in case they find themselves in a deescalating situation.

Clearing Your Mind

Sometimes people experience rushing thoughts and this causes restlessness and loss of attention. Martial arts training emphasizes on focus, which is key in executing the complex moves. The ability to eliminate rushing thoughts from your mind gives you a sense of calm. This means that martial arts training can be beneficial for people who have problems with focus. Restlessness is often triggered by a chain of thought one leading to another. Martial arts training gives you the ability to control the thoughts and remain calm in any situation.


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