How Martial Arts Helps Build Integrity in Children

Martial arts not only help children learn coordination and develop physically, but it also assists them in acquiring skills that help them live successful lives. One of the important life skill children acquire by practicing martial arts is integrity. But what do we mean by integrity? Integrity is a super virtue that includes virtues like honesty (telling the truth), and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Research in ethics is increasingly showing that the moral fiber of most societies is breaking up because of dishonesty. However, all is not lost because martial arts can assist children develop a strong integrity that will help them prosper in other areas of life including academics. For training to be successful in martial arts, a bond must develop between the student and the teacher. The two must completely be honest with each other for the bond to form.

Martial arts inculcate honesty in children by demonstrating the importance of being honest and telling the truth all the time. For instance, students are assessed for integrity before being awarded a belt that enable them progress to the next level. This will teach your child the importance of being honest and truthful.

Apart from honesty, enrolling your child in martial arts classes help them to learn to take responsibility for their actions. The discipline martial arts inculcate in children will teach them the importance of thinking before acting. Moreover, martial arts also teach children to refrain from blaming others or making excuses. Under-achievers and failures in life often have someone to blame for their woes, and if there is no one to blame the devil gets it. This is the type of attitude martial arts help your child to ditch and learn to take responsibility for his/her actions.

The belt system common in most martial arts also help children develop integrity. New martial arts students often measure their progress by their ranks reflected in the colors of garment and belts they wear. However, as the students move up the ranks, they come to learn that level doesn’t matter; what matters is the skills and knowledge one acquires as they go up the ranks.

Don’t be hesitant to enroll your child in a martial arts class because it helps them develop a sense of integrity that enable them see themselves as they are. This is important in developing a sense of confidence and self-worth. Integrity is a super virtue that will guide your child throughout his/her life be it in education or carrier.

For example, cases of students cheating in schools and universities are increasing. Students who cheat are those that don’t know how to get things done. Martial arts teach that integrity, hard work and perseverance is the key to achieving any goal in life. This prevent students from taking any shortcuts or engaging in malpractices.


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