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Integrity is a super virtue that includes things like telling the truth and acting with dignity and respect. However, in martial arts, integrity and honesty means the same thing. For instance, an honest individual has strong moral values. This’s what integrity is.

Integrity is an important value in martial arts. Martial artists are trained to honor what they promise every time. Students are expected to adhere to all the rules whether they’re watched or not. Moreover, martial arts students are encouraged to honor their promises in all circumstances. This means that martial artists are trustworthy individuals whom you can depend on when in need. It will be good if your child grows up into someone people admire and respect.

Martial arts students are also required to observe integrity when talking. This entails avoiding the use of foul language and saying nasty things about others. Talking nicely to people makes everyone you’re interacting with happy. Regardless of your occupation, if you talk with integrity people will admire you. This can attract business opportunities and financial success. Furthermore, people like hanging around people who talks nicely.

Martial arts also teach children integrity by imparting time management skills. Students have to show up in class on time, train and spare time for other activities. This type of integrity can be beneficial at home and work. For example, when students are given assignments, most of them postpone working on the assignment until the last minute. Sometime they fail to hand in the assignment or give a flimsy excuse for failing to do so. Martial arts teach high level of integrity that prevents students from violating the contract they have with the teacher.

Integrity helps children refrain from immediate gratification that is one of the major problems in the modern society. Young people nowadays expect instant rewards first before fulfilling their obligations. If you’re child is showing signs of lack of integrity, enrolling them in martial classes help children regain their integrity and live a positive life.

Martial arts teach children the value of integrity and why it’s important to have it. At beginning, most students think that martial arts are all about moving up the ranking system. However, as the progress through the training, they learn that what you learn as you train is more important than the rank system.

Taking part in competitions and tournaments is also part of martial arts training. During tournaments, students have the opportunity to benchmark with others. They compare their skills and notice their strengths and weaknesses. This makes them to act with integrity even if they win a trophy because they know that they’re not the best. Additionally, martial arts advocates for “everyone is a winner” attitude.

Martial arts also bestow integrity by teaching the value of hard work. Children learn that to get what you want, you’ve to work hard instead of cutting corners. These lessons can’t be learned in school alone. Martial arts teach children integrity with practical real life lessons.


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