How Martial Arts Teach Kids Self-Control

Goal setting is one trait that all successful people share in common. Prominent business people, athletes and all high achievers in society owe their success to goal setting. Martial art is a sport that is heavily based on goal setting. Students set goals in mastering techniques and attaining milestones that will make them be promoted to the next level. Furthermore, it’s a common practice for martial arts schools to award students with great achievements. Read on to find out how enrolling your child in martial arts class teach them how to set goals.

  1. Setting Daily Goals

Most martial arts schools award students who have demonstrated a great mastery and perfection of techniques. Students who perform well when training with their partner or become role models are also recognized. This teaches children to set attainable daily goals and work hard towards achieving them.

  1. Setting Weekly Goals

In most martial arts classes, students are expected to set weekly goals and complete assignments. They earn stripes for completing weekly goals successfully. This helps in character development and goal setting later in life.

  1. Setting Monthly Goals

Most martial arts courses have an evaluation system at the end of every month. For example, students are often asked to demonstrate whether they have mastered the technique properly. Students who perform well receive certificates of accomplishments or are promoted to the next level. Students can transfer the valuable goal setting skills they learn in martial arts classes to real life.

  1. Setting Ranking Improvement Goals

Progress in martial arts courses is measured using a belt system. To progress through the system, students need to set long-term and short-term goals. Short-term goals enable them to move from one rank to another. Long-term goals enable them attain higher achievements like the black belt.

  1. Coming Up with Goals to Win Tournaments

Before tournaments, martial arts students are notified in advance. They respond by setting goals to help them excel in tournaments. In martial arts, students are not encouraged to win at any cost, but motivated to compete properly.

Martial arts teach your child to learnt to set goals early in life. This gives them an advantage because goal setting is an important aspect of success. For example, in order for students to excel in school, they must set goals. The same applies to work and all aspects of life. Martial arts teach goal setting by enabling students to visualize tasks and execute them within specific timelines.

If goal setting is taught in childhood, it becomes a habit that we carry with us throughout our life. This is one of the key benefits that make parents to enroll their children in martial art classes. Martial arts enable children to understand goal setting process clearly with examples. For instance, children learn how perseverance and discipline play an important role in setting goals and achieving them. Children learn that success can’t be attained by just moving from one point to another; it’s a journey.


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