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Most of the kids’ time is spent sitting at a desk during their school classes and doing homework. For that reason, the introduction of extracurricular activities can help them in realizing their energy, which is very considerable. One of the techniques to release energy and remain active is to practice martial arts. You can choose any form of martial arts, either karate or taekwondo or another practice. Kids need to provide focus, respect, and self-discipline while practising karate. These are some of the major benefits for kids who practice karate daily. 

1. Improvement In Concentration

Most of the activity in our life includes simply growing with emotions. With martial arts practice, kids grow with strong character. Along with the strong character, kids experience an improvement in their concentration power. While practising karate or other martial arts, it is very much required that you pay proper attention to the words that the instructor is teaching. Kids have to listen and observe the moves and techniques that their trainer is teaching. Quick reactionary skills are also acquired by kids while learning martial arts.

2. Learns About Self-defense

The pillar of martial art is to peacefully resolve conflicts. But sometimes, situations occur where self-defence becomes quite important. We hope that our kids never get in such situations, but it is a lifesaving skill that your kid should be familiar with. If they encounter any frightening situation, then with the learned skills, they can defend and protect themselves. The kids will get to know about the strangers that are present in their surroundings. Instructors give importance to the kids about the awareness of unknown people. If anyone is bullying them, they can deal with them in self-defence.

3. Discipline

There is a proper structure that is followed in the martial arts class. Every session of martial art is set with some format and routine. The instructor of martial arts forces every kid to follow the rules and give importance and respect to the value of the structure. With the daily practice of martial arts, the kids start following such routines and learning their work’s accountability. Kids start doing everything in a disciplined manner.

4. Learns Coordination

The motor skills of the kids depend on coordination and balance. The major benefit kids enjoy with daily martial arts practice is to use their body completely and react quickly in every situation. They will get to know about punching, kicking, and jumping during their martial arts practice, and they physically develop the coordination that is required to excel in all such physical activities. During most of the moves, the kid has to be quick to sequence the changes in all directions. These all things help in improving the balance.  

5. Reduction in ADHD Symptoms

There are some kids that have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Once such kids get enrolled in martial arts, they experience an improvement in ADHD symptoms. During the practice class, kids have to do some basic tasks that involve targeting specific things, and they have to focus in one place. Regardless of whether it’s a kicking shield or punching pack, kids will figure out how to “zone in” on the job needing to be done. This hones the abilities that are regularly difficult for kids with ADHD.

6. Follow Healthy Living Skills

We all know the role and importance of physical fitness in the proper growth and development of the individual. So along with eating healthy, it is important that kids practice healthy living things. Fortunately, martial arts is the best form of physical activity for kids to do physical exercise with fun. In a report, it is found that an individual who is 125 pounds and practices martial arts for just 30 minutes can burn 300 calories. Thus it will be a good start for your kid if they want them to keep themself physically fit and healthy. 

7. Improves Memorization Power

Another important skill to master is retention. By keeping this in mind, the trainer focuses on memorizing the important personal details to the young children who are learning martial arts. This includes basic details such as phone number, address, and their parent’s name. In case of an emergency, this information is very crucial. The concept of memorization helps in serving them all ahead years. There are various levels in the martial arts, and kids have to learn them with the growing time, so there is a need to memorize the poses and manoeuvres. This factor is also useful when things come up about school work.

8. Starts Believing In Teamwork

The practice that is required for the martial arts is introspective. Kids need teamwork to complete the exercises and activities that are involved in this. You can consider this as a social benefit for the kids who practise it on a daily basis. They get to know about teamwork while practising the kicks and punches with their classmates. These skills help kids in following a positive attitude towards social and other activities during school and home. 

9. Learns About Respect

There has been an attachment to the idea of regard and martial arts. From the very first moment, kids are urged to regard the educator as their folks and instructors. They are taught about the importance of giving respect and receiving respect.

This idea is instructed by requiring the eye-to-eye connection, being obedient. By focusing on the significance of regard inside the practice room, the kid can figure out how to move this to regular daily existence. They will figure out how to treat their elderly folks, just as their friends, with more regard and consideration.

10. Boost Up In Self-esteem And Confidence

The martial arts are very much connected with the self-improvement process. Kids have to become better than themselves. This results in many mental benefits to the practitioners. Martial arts boost the confidence level of the kids. While each variety of martial art is extraordinary, most will urge understudies to deal with each level. As they proceed to develop and accomplish capability, they start to feel pleased with their achievements. This results in increased confidence. 


At Samurai Karate Club Melbourne, we teach the right way to practice martial arts. We aim to make the kids confident and skilled by providing the core values to them. In addition, we help the kids to overcome challenges and obstacles. We do this through a long-lasting development of their confidence, self-discipline, and ability to defend themselves, all within a fun and dynamic environment. You can give us a call at 0414 500 886 to know more about our services.


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