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At Samurai Karate we teach more than just karate/self defence. Embodied in the curriculum there are many values and life skills that we are also trying to establish in the students development. One of these is respect. With the younger students we need the support of the parents in this subject, to help get the message across.

The first phase of respect is to respect themselves, this we teach through their own body, the  Gi and behaviour. So come with a clean Gi, clean body, short nails, no jewelry, boys just wear Gi, girls a white “T” shirt underneath the gi top.

Phase 2 is respect for others and their environment. Hence bowing when leaving and entering the dojo, bowing to other students and their sensei’s, and respecting the environment, looking after the  equipment, not putting hands on glass and mirrors, putting their bags and shoes neatly in the change room, no running in the halls( also safety), leaving the toilets clean after they use it. We clean the toilets often and we are finding Urine over the seat and floor, so probably a boy , sometimes not flushed. Can parents please talk to children about this habit to make sure they understand they need to leave the toilets clean for their fellow students.

Phase 3 comes naturally if the first to phases have consolidated, that is being respected by others and the life itself. For once you respect yourself , others, and your environment, through your actions, then respect will be returned in kind.

Thank you for your support in this area.


One of our team members will be in contact with you once your registration is competed. 


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