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Self Defence is not just about kicking and punching, its about a state of mind.

The state of mind that is important is:

  • A strong resolution to defend oneself
  • A confidence to carry out what is necessary
  • And to be able to calm the fight flight response.
  • Finally to apply the skills and tools you have to defend oneself.

My 4 rules of self defence

1 Don’t be there.

Avoid any situation if possible, remove yourself if you can finally in the heat of battle move to avoid being hit

  1. Take back control

The attacker has established initial control by launching the assault whether verbally or physically. You need to take back the control as soon as possible.

  1. Do the unexpected
    • You have the advantage of surprise given the right circumstances.
    • If he pushes you pull, he pulls, you push, use his force against him where possible
    • In the case of verbal abuse, use agreement and compliments to diffuse the situation, but do it from a position of confidence and strength
  1. If you have to go, go hard.

There is a guide line of the use of reasonable force, and it is always at least 10% more than the attack, but not over reacting.


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