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Acceptance and Surrender in Martial Arts – Life is loaded with difficulties. Every day we have to face lots of challenges in our life. However, with a positive attitude and patience, we overcome such types of challenges. Life teaches us many things, and acceptance and surrender are also a part of this. These things can make the circumstances significantly better.

We persistently look for answers outside of ourselves. Most of us try to find the answer to all questions in self-improvement guides, digital broadcasts, classes, and otherworldly educators. But constantly looking at others for answers is not actually the desired process of getting self-satisfied or fulfilling our spirit’s calling. In fact, to discover answers to all questions, we should turn internal. Be that as it may, going internal expects us to do our best and be real to overcome all the dilemmas and situations. Whatever is going bad or good with our lives, we should accept it in the most natural form and surrender ourselves to defend the situation easily. Just like life, acceptance and surrender are equally important in martial arts. Let us discuss one by one in little detail. 


Acceptance is the first step in moving beyond. Surrendering the inward condition of struggles with ourselves and the rest of the world is somewhat called acceptance. It is the first step towards success. Clashes that are shown by our ideas and sentiments sometimes make us unhappy. We attempt to keep away from or deny each feeling, be it misery, depression, or sensations of hurt, which tend to build up themselves. We can deliver this by tolerating ”what is”, interfacing with the heart, and getting mindful of the increasing inclination inside the body. Sometimes we think that nothing wrong can happen with us or we do not deserve such a situation, but to overcome that situation, we should accept that thing in the most humble manner. It is not always right to start arguing that no, this is not acceptable; you can also win the game by just accepting the thing as it is.

In martial arts, acceptance also has a great role. For example, we can consider knee pain if you don’t accept that your knees are in pain, and by ignoring this if you are still doing what caused it, you may make the situation worse. It would be a silly step if you would continue to practice your martial training in such a situation. It will help if you accept that your body demands rest at the current time. You should realize what has caused this pain and what steps you can take to heal it. You also do not have to think all day long about how terrible this pain is and keep worrying about the pain. In simple terms, we can describe acceptance as exposure to reality. 


At the point when one thinks about martial arts champions, then probably the term surrender won’t come into view because it is believed that martial arts give endurance, persistence, and skills to handle any type of situation. They can handle any struggle with the technique of martial arts in Melbourne. Surrender is also a give-up process that is simpler than acceptance. The energy required to give up is considerably more than the energy of control. And for different individuals, this will be unique. Most of the individuals give up when they experience restricted and centered vision; breath is shallow, adrenaline is siphoning, and pulse increments rapidly. The individual’s mind keeps focusing on similar incidents, and basically, there will be no mindfulness-awareness. 

So the individual should surrender in such a situation and behave quietly and serenely. Try to breathe deeply to calm down oneself and handle the situation. It becomes important to master the situation to keep the situation under control, and things really feel less in charge. There are some situations in life where surrendering is better than fighting with the situation. For example, if there are waves of the ocean during a storm and you are fighting with this, it is not wise. You can’t battle against the whole sea. So surrendering in such a situation is better than making lots of efforts. We think that you can relate to this situation and make a wise decision.


Whatever situation comes in your life, either during martial practice or during any real life, you should never leave your confidence and discipline. The undesired situation in our life makes us strong to face any difficulty easily. If you are not disciplined during your martial arts training session, then you have to struggle a lot in the beginning phase. If there is something that you have to learn during your session, then you can get that with proper focus and discipline. Also, when you cannot fight with the situation, you have to surrender yourself and do it in a disciplinary manner. Being hyper or angry is not the solution to any problem.


During martial arts practice, you can acknowledge surrendering as a sign of improvement. You should not compare yourself with others. As per the situation, you should melt yourself, and this will give you an amazing feeling. Just like surrendering, you should also be ready for acceptance. You should accept the thing during martial art training without involving your ego. These things will help you in learning the best from martial arts.

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